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New York born bassist/composer Brad Christopher Jones is well recognized for his work as a sideman but is also a bandleader who has recorded three CDs with two seperate projects. One entitled "Pouring My Heart In" with The Brad Jones Quartet and two entitled "Uncivilized Poise" and "The Embodiment" with his band Aka Alias.

The quartet is an all acoustic jazz group which features Jones' original compositions that are tailored specifically for the piano-less/guitar-less instrumentation. The music has a wide dynamic range that goes from hauntingly beautiful and strange to hard straight-ahead swing and experimental. The group consists of Bob DeBellis (saxophones), Greg Tardy (saxophones), Derrek Phillips (drums), and Jones on acoustic bass.

Aka Alias is Jones' first group as a leader. The mostly electric quintet possesses a more danceable yet sonically intriguing musical sensibility that derives influences of everything from Jazz to Funk to Calypso to free improvisation. The group consists of Bob DeBellis (saxophones), David Gilmore (guitar), Jeff Lawrence (keyboards), Abe Fogle (drums), and Jones on electric and acoustic basses.