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Pianist, and Composer Willerm Delisfort is a messenger of life using music as his tool. His career extends the continuum of musical styles that ranges from Jazz, Gospel, R&B and many more. Because of this, Willerm's versatility has created a high demand for him with prominent jazz, rap, soul, and fusion artists including 2009 Best World Guitarist Fareed Haque, Grammy Award winning artist T-Pain, Lauryn Hill , Kirk Whalum, Louis Bellson , Lew Soloff, Calvin Newborne, Corey Wilkes, Curtis Fuller, Jimmy Heath, David Sanchez, Jennifer Holiday, George Freeman, Red Holloway, Javon Jackson, Melton Mustafa Sr, Peter Erskine, Public Announcement, Freddie Jackson, and more. He has performed over 20 festivals all around the Globe, branching from the west coast of the United States, all the way to Europe, touring Spain, and the United Kingdom. Even in the lights of main stage theater, you can always expect Willerm in the orchestra pit, either conducting or playing the lead piano book. Headlining shows such as Dreamgirls, Ain't Misbehavin, Crowns, Aida, The Best of Broadway, and Don't Bother Me I Cant Cope. Willerm has been featured on over 7 albums on piano, along with several commercial recordings broadcast all over the world. His most recent, the critically acclaimed Flat Planet by Virtuosity Guitarist Fareed Haque which is available on Owl Studio Records. Next expected release will be Willerm's debut album entitled "Freedom Riders" scheduled to be release in September 2009. Born in Little Haiti Miami Florida to Haitian Parents Pierre Franklin and Antonette Delisfort, his father exposed him to different music from a very early age. Teaching him the rich history of his heritage, while his mom taught him the importance of being able to dance and feel the embracement of the music, Willerm's curiosity grew towards a life in the arts, unknowingly embarking on a journey which would lead him to where he is today. By the age of 11 studying under the tutelage of South Florida legend John McMinn, he had already performed for people such as former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, former president of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide, showing Willerm a bright future ahead of him. With the appreciation of self expression thru music, at the early age 15, Willerm began to explore the realm of composition. By the time of his high school junior year, he had composed over 10 Compositions, arranged over 30 songs for ensembles of all sizes and levels. This would grab the attention of legendary Trumpeter Melton Mustafa, where for the next 5 years he cultivated Willerm's writing. Looking for a tool to play his music, Willerm founded the group "The Delisfort Project". Which later began to perform all over country including a European Tour with the Ladies of Jazz. The 2006- '09 Recipient of the Northern Illinois University Liberace Scholarship, Willerm spent 3 years studying with the Legendary Willie Pickens. Challenging, maturing him to love and submit to the music, his hunger for self expression grew rapidly. Willerm Delisfort is here to stamp his name into the books of history. Till this day he endorses expressions of gratefulness for the knowledge that was passed down to him from all those who had a hand in setting him on the path that he is currently on. It was with their patience and understanding which have taught him how to love his art for more than nickels and dimes, but as a message to the world. He strives to amaze those around him, with his simple yet multifaceted soulful ways of self expression; hoping that someday he will give his parents the honor of having a child that have had major influence in music today.