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Ellen Weiss is an entertainer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and teacher with a passion for emotional authenticity in the many forms that it can be manifested. Her strong lyrical voice is at home with many styles of music from the great jazz standards to musical theatre to folk, pop and blues.

Whether composed on piano or guitar, her music is deeply personal and expressive always originating from a drive to discover personal truths that can have universal recognition. But Ellen would never want to put aside the need to have pure pleasure and fun in the musical experience. Musical theatre was the first great artistic/musical inspiration in Ellen’s life. Her style of performance reflects this, and many of her songs teasingly or directly hint at it.

A song like “Baby I Came to Play” has a sexy flirty bossanova rhythm, while “I’m A Dancer” is a straight ahead jazz progression with a theatrical flair. She can write a blues swing tune that seems to come straight out of the 1920’s, or a straight blues that definitely has the Delta in mind. Many people think the blues is her voice’s most close fit. But Ellen likes to sing a sexy low tone and go right on to a sweet strong high note right on it’s heels.

“The human voice has the potential to dynamically express the myriad aspects of human emotion and experience” that is her goal in her vocal performance. Ellen’s passion is to create a palpable energy shift in the room, to create a space that can stir the sometimes untapped ocean, of emotions that many people have vague, beckoning dreams of swimming in.

Her first cd is now in the works and will feature the highly anticipated song “Beautiful Trees” a soaring hypnotic folk/pop ballad that will take you on a blissful spiritual journey. “Her music will take you down many roads and whichever one you choose it will be a path that leads to the heart.”