Guillaume Perret

Tenor Sax
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The new generation of French Jazz in New York
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Nominated for the French-equivalent of the Grammy¼s in 2012, Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic is a French jazz fusion band, founded in 2008 by composer and sax player Guillaume Perret. A saxophone, the desire to unravel a new kind of sound. Guillaume Perret is a sound explorer. He plays the wa-wa pedals and with electric effects to elevate his notes to a new and surprising universe, one that makes you dream, distorting sounds to make them strangely more musical. His music doesn¼t belong to a specific genre, rather it calls upon our senses. It is an innovative mixture of contemporary jazz, funky grooves, screaming metal& a hybrid sort of music, troubling, bewitching, that evokes sensations and imagery. The music is powerful, cosmopolitan, subtle and charming. The first masterpiece debut album (April 2012) is called « Brutalum Voluptuous » and is produced by John Zorn (Tzadik).