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Hanka is one of the best and most well respected jazz singers in Slovakia. She has been singing on the domestic and international jazz scene for more than ten years and musically is attracted to the fusion of jazz and soul music. Music has fascinated her since early childhood and she has been singing in different music genres, from rock to funk, throughout her career, in order to end up singing jazz thanks to her stay in Washington D.C. and the musicians that influenced her during this time. Upon her return from the U.S.A. she was invited to perform with the trio of one of the best jazz pianists in Slovakia, Gabriel Jonáa. She started to perform with many professional jazz musicians on the local as well as international club scene and at music festivals. (Bratislava Jazz Days Festival, Jazzycolors Festival in Paris, Open Jazz Festival in Nové Mesto, etc...) In 2007 she was awarded a grant from Music Fund for the recording of her debut CD Reflections of my soul, which was produced by Radovan Tariaka, one of the most outstanding saxophone players on the Slovak jazz scene. Hanka is accompanied by an elite band  Ondrej KrajHák on piano, Tomáa Baroa on double bass and Marián `ev

ík on drums. For years Hanka has been one of the most approached artists to participate in jazz projects in which she writes lyrics to instrumental tunes and gives them vocal form. She has been a guest on projects by the `tefan Piata Bartua band, Nikolaj Nikitin band and Sisa Michalidesová CD Expresie. In 2013 she was invited to join the Chris Byars Quartet from New York touring Slovakia. Performing as an opening act with her jazz band for the Matt Bianco band in Koaice and a member of the Sisa Michalidesová band before the Kurt Elling concert was one of her most prestigious performances. At present she is finishing her second solo CD, which will be released by Hevhetia publishing house in the first half of this year and is produced by virtuoso Slovak jazz pianist and composer Ondrej KrajHák. This new CD pays tribute to Slovak folklore sensitively arranged to jazz music. Hanka is again accompanied by the finest jazz musicians, such as Josef Fe

o (double bass, cymbalo), Radovan Tariaka (alt and soprano saxophone), Marián `ev

ík (drums), `tefan Bugala (percussion), and the cymbalo band of Ivan Herák.

Hanka has worked and performed with the following musicians: Peter Lipa, Jozef Dodo `oaoka, Chris Byars Quartet, Patches Stewart, Jure Pukl, Klemens Markl, Dusan Novakov, Gabor Winand, Karel Ru~i

ka jr., OndYej `tverá

ek, Juraj Griglák, Martin Valihora, Ondrej KrajHák, Radovan Tariaka, `tefan Piata Bartua, Nikolaj Nikitin, Gabriel Jonáa, Josef Fe

o, Tomáa Baroa, Július Baroa, Marián `ev

ík, Peter Solárik, Robert Ragan, =uboa `rámek, Matúa Jakab

ic, Boris elár, Stano Po

aji, Jozef Brisuda, Jozef Dome, Klaudius Ková

, Peter Prelo~ník, Sisa Michalidesová, Tomáa Gajlík, Pavol Bodnár, Pavol Bereza and many others&