Tacuma Bradley

Tenor Sax // Vocalist

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Brooklyn bred saxophonist/composer, Tacuma Bradley, is no stranger to diversity and the fusions of cultures. Having musician parents of Japanese and African-American descent, he heard a lot of different kinds of music growing up and started playing at a young age. Nowadays, Tacuma fuses Jazz, Hip-Hop, and World Music to create what has been hailed as "Sophisticated Groove Music".

Tacuma Bradley has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by music his whole life. His Japanese mother and African-American father were both pianists and they met at the historic Jazz Mobile in NYC. Tacuma was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and started learning the piano and trumpet at a very young age. At the age of 9, the violin became a centerpiece in his life and would continue to be for the next 5 years. Tacuma took a leave of absence from music all together and it wasn't until he was 19 that he would come to meet with the tenor saxophone completely by chance. Tacuma attended a class taught by world renowned saxophonist, Anthony Braxton, that would change his musical life forever. Upon completion of Braxton's class, Tacuma picked up the saxophone, and hasn’t looked back since. He has a deep and profound love for all types of music and a deep passion for life, and the spirit of positive places and people.

Over the past decade, Tacuma has had the extreme pleasure of recording and performing with many musicians and groups. Over the years he's gotten to travel, on his own and as a TV host of a music travel show. He’s had the opportunity to hear music from all over the US and the World, and was so inspired by artists and their work. Not just musicians, but sculptors, painters, poets, chefs, dancers and countless others engaged in various forms of self-expression. It made him realize how important it is to make things, create things, and be yourself through the process.

 The word Unity can conjure up thoughts of fellowship and camaraderie. This is exactly the feeling the Unity Band aims to incite with their music and live show. Their sets are filled with improvisations and original compositions which have been further imagined over the space-time continuum; as they continue their search for a sound rife with elements of J Dilla, St. Germain and The Headhunters.

The Unity Band actively cultivates sonic experiments that fuze elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk and World music. Envisioned by Brooklyn native, Tacuma Bradley, the band seeks to render out good vibes and positive energy from anyone and anything within earshot. Using horns, drums, bass, keys, guitar and the human voice, they blend rhythm and sound to create a space of openness so we (all people) can communicate on another level. Where a hip shake, or head nod, are signs of immersion into that space. Where you can be yourself with hesitation. Where a smile can gain you access to all you need in this wondrous life.