Tyler Clibbon

Alto Sax // Organ // Piano // Tenor Sax

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Tyler "T-Clibbs" Clibbon is truly an enigma. At first he really just wanted to play video games all day, but his mother, jazz guitarist Melyssa Clibbon, got him interested in playing jazz saxophone. This led him to pursue a bachelors degree in jazz saxophone at the University of Miami, and then a masters degree at Florida State university. Soon after he moved to NYC to start a career playing jazz, but six months of abject failure convinced him to go on the road with The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra. After fourteen months of touring the states and one month in Japan, making many lifelong friends along the way, T-Clibbs finally got off the big red bus for the last time and, with a newfound appreciation for sleeping in the same bed two nights in a row, he moved back to NYC. So here I am, switching to the first person and breaking the fourth wall. I spend most of my time practicing and playing with my cat, and I'm free for all kinds of gigs! All kinds! Anything you need, All kinds! All kinds of gigs!


I'm just joking around because I feel weird writing my own biography. It's weird, sorry.


So here's the name dropping section; I have so much respect for all of these guys:


I have been given the opportunity to play with many of my own musical heroes including but not limited to: Ari Hoenig, Greg Gisbert, Marcus Roberts, Jason Marsalis, Johnny O'Neal, Tivon Pennicott, Emmet Cohen, and one time I played on a session with Joe Saylor. And ONE time Roy Hargrove told me I sounded good!