Abraham Burton

Tenor Sax

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Already as a real youngster, Abraham Burton came to the attention to jazz veterans Bill Saxton and Michael Carvin. "Michael taught us, to play out of your own self. Listening more to your feeling than to scales and theories", Abraham says. It was drummer Carvin who reccomended Burton to alto sax maestro Jackie McLean whose master disciple Abraham Burton became soon - clearly exemplified by his robust tone and his energetic phrasing. "J-Mac brought me to a stop, and then he started me again. He brought Charlie Parker to me, and Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong." After four years Burton graduated from the Hartt School of Music with a B.A. in music.

Professional life started immediataly when McLean told drummer Art Taylor about the youngster in whose band "The Wailers" Jackie had worked himself in the 50ties. Taylor was just reestablishing The Wailers again, and soon Art Taylor recorded the first album, "Mr. A.T.", with Abraham Burton as Willie Williams ts, Marc Cary p, Tyler Mitchell b, Art Taylor dr.

After several tours with Taylor founds his own quartet, with pianist Marc Cary, bassist Billy Johnson and drummer Eric McPherson who was also educated by Michael Carvin and Jackie Mclean. The first recording was done soon, "Closest To The Sun" and the most recent recording is "The Magician" recorded live at New York's jazzclub Visiones. The Abraham Burton Quartet has toured Europe several times appearing at the major festivals with overwhelming success (Berlin Jazz Days, Leverkusen Festival, North Sea Festival, Moers Festival and others).

Recently Abraham has delved into the music of his forebears' home country, Belize and incorporates the rich rhythmic tradition of Punto in his fiery approach.