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I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, lived a year in Amsterdam, and now I live in New York. I play upright bass, violin, guitar, and piano and write songs.

This winter I recorded a full-length album of my own music, which will be available very soon. It features Greg Ruggiero on guitar, Pete Rende on rhodes/prophet/etc., Dan Rieser on drums, and me on a few different instruments. As of writing this (Fall, 08) I'm gearing up for the last phase of recording on a few of the songs. I'm planning on wrapping it up by November or December. Time, money, and the unpredictability of inspiration have all been factors in the progress of this project, but I can confidently say that after almost a year I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I play as a sideman in a few projects. In my top friends I have linked to Jeremy Pelt 'Wired'. That band has a CD available on the MAXJAZZ lable entitled "Shock Value: Live at Smoke". I play electric bass in that band. The album is available on iTunes, CD Baby, et cetera.

Below you can also find a link to Rick Parker's myspace page, who is an excellent trombonist and composer. I play bass in his band and on his latest CD, "Finding Space", which you can aquire through myspace or through the conventional means, such as iTunes or CdBaby. Check it out.

Most Fridays and Saturdays I play in Williamsburg at a wine bar called Bridge Urban Winery with drummer Marc Ciccone and saxophonist Matt Parker. Since I'm there every weekend I'm not gonna bother posting it in my calendar, cuz that's a pain in the butt. But it's from about 8 til 11 and it's at the bottom of Broadway in Brooklyn (No. 20) next to Kent Street.