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My name is John Hébert (pronounced A-Bear), and I am from Lousiana...originally born in New Orleans, moving to Baton Rouge later on. You may be asking about the name, it is Cajun, which is why there is the French pronunciation. I am not sure when or who came down from Canada but it was a long time ago and the name stuck.

I come from a family of 6, 2 brothers and one sister. We are all very close not only in age but we also are great friends, something that you don't find too often in large families, or any family for that matter. Maybe it was the Catholic upbringing, the guilt made us close? No, well maybe a little, but actually my parents are to blame for that one. They did a great job raising us. Which is probably the reason that I am a musician today. One needs that kind of support because being a musician is not easy. I am very happy that they were there for me when I most needed it, and still are today.

Why the bass you might ask? Well, that is an easy one...I started out as a guitar player and like every band in High School no one needed another guitarist but everyone needed a bassist. So...I switched upon recommendation of my band leader, Mr. Lee Fortier (Forshay, another French name). He was very adament about me playing the bass. Well, he was right as he always was. I am glad I made the switch.