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Hailed from Queens, N.Y., Joseph Joe Blaxx Grissett has been turning household items into drum sets before he spoke his first word. Like many before him, his career began in the church and he honed his skills mimiking the likes of jazz greats Tony Williams and Ben Riley . Formally educated at the New School University the drum prodigy caught the hearts and ears of his peers leading him to play with and for some of music's greatest including, Wess Warmdaddy Anderson, Maurice Brown, Bruce Williams, Marc Cary, Chris Rob, Meshell N'degeocello, Wynton Marsallis, and Walter Blanding. In 2007 the Blaxxtet was born, and played to sold out crowds at the 2007 Jazz fest at New York's Lincoln Center. Following the family creed,Love is what it does; Blaxx's love of music and dedication to his craft is what he does best. Currently he still resides in Queens, New York...WHATSEVAIDOITGOTSTABEFUNKY....doin da damn thing wit the my dog...MAURICE BROWN!!!