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Pasquale Grasso, born in Ariano Irpino, Italy, began playing guitar at a very young age.  Grasso’s principle instruction was with Chuck Wayne's student and jazz guitar innovator, Agostino Di Giorgio.  Grasso's prodigious aptitude for the guitar only grew as he quickly became Di Giorgio's closest pupil.   

 Another extraordinary influence in Grasso's career has been bebop piano master and world-renowned jazz educator, Barry Harris. Pasquale has served as Harris' guitar teaching assistant for the last ten years, conducting workshops in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Holland, and Slovenia.  

 In 2008, Pasquale pursued classical guitar studies in the Music Conservatory of Bologna under Professor Walter Zanetti.  During his time at the conservatory, Grasso developed a new approach to the guitar, combining classical tradition with Chuck Wayne's modern technique. 

 In 2012, Grasso moved to New York City and quickly made a name for himself in the city's vibrant jazz scene. Grasso became  part of the Ari Roland Quartet and the Chris Byars Quartet, performing in clubs, music festivals and recording in the studio regularly.  Later that year, Pasquale was named a Jazz Ambassador with the US Embassy, going on to tour extensively across Europe, Kuwait, Kazakstan, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Ukraine, among others.

 Despite his young age, Grasso has performed with many leading musicians of the international jazz scene such as: Barry Harris, Charles Davis, Freddie Redd, Frank Wess, Leroy Wiliams, Ray Drummond, Murray Wall, Steve Grossman,Tardo Hammer, Jimmy Wormworth, John Mosca, Sacha Perry, Ari Roland, Luigi Grasso, Chris Byars, Zaid Nasser, Bucky Pizzarelli, China Moses, Harry Allen Quartet, Grant Stewart, Stepko Gut, Nicolas Dary, Dado Moroni, Agostino di Giorgio, Michel Pastre Big Band, Gianni Basso Big Band, Joe Cohn, Oscar Zenari, Luca Pisani.



 First Place Winner of the Wes Montgomery Competition 2015

Award for Master Technique - Piacenza Jazz Guitar Competition (2007)

Winner of the Eddie Lang National Jazz Guitar Competition (2005)

Winner of the Premio Internazionale Lecco Jazz (2002)

Winner of the Premio Internazionale Tim Competition (2000)

Finalist of Bravo Bravissimo Televised Competition (1998) 



 Reflections of Me, Pasquale Grasso Solo Guitar Debut Album</b>

(produced by Luigi Grasso)

 Workers' Comp, Jamal Deshon Quintet

(produced by Neal Miner)

 Merci Toots, Yvonnick Prenne Duo

(produced by Yvonnick Prenne)


 New York All Stars, Luigi Grasso Octet</b>

(produced by Luigi Grasso)

 The Music of Duke Jordan, Chris Byars Septet 

The Music of Duke Jordan vol 2, Chris Byars Septet

(Steeeplechase records)



Ça Marche, Luigi Grassso Quartet

(Produced by Echopolite records)


 Fino a domani

Gaetano Riccobono 

(Jazzy Record)

 Jazz Futures , Ari Roland Septet (Cyprus)

(produced by USA embassy)


Dance of the infidels , Luigi and Pasquale Grasso Quartet

(produced by Rocco Grasso)


 The Plain but the simple truth 

The Nicolas Dary, Luigi Grasso Quintet

(produced by Nicolas Dary )

 Fat Bros, Luigi e Pasquale Grasso Quintet

(JCV record)


A Love Supreme, Luigi and Pasquale Grasso Quartet


(produced by Java Records)