Mitch Marcus

Tenor Sax

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Mitch Marcus founded the Mitch Marcus Quintet in 1999. From post-apocalyptic

jazz to scintillating trance hypnotism, the Mitch Marcus Quintet delivers a

unique brand of original music, taking you through a labyrinth of

ever-shifting textures. Comprised of some of the SF Bay Area's finest

musicians, this dynamic collective features the extended compositions of

saxophonists Marcus and Sylvain Carton, as well as the rumbling opuses of

drummer Ches Smith. The members of the Quintet also play in a diverse array of Bay Area and National/International bands, such as Donovan, Marc Ribot, Grachan Moncur III, Stanley, Trevor Dunn's Convulsant Trio, Aphrodesia, Kipple, Secret Chiefs 3, Good for Cows, Japonize Elephants, Marcus Shelby Orchestra, Realistic Orchestra, Matt Small Chamber Ensemble, Ben Adams Quintet, Nathan Clevenger group, and Shotgun Wedding Hiphop Symphony.