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Fredrik Norén - Drums, started to play as a professional at the age of 18 and has ever since played with almost every Swedish jazz musician: Lars Gullin, Rolf Ericson, Bengt Hallberg, Bernt Rosengren and Lars Färnlöf to name but a few.

He has also been playing with many American jazz stars like Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Jimmy Heath, Idress Suliman, Red Mitchell, Art Farmer, Brew More, Cab Calloway and recorded with Dexter Gordon, Brew More, Idress Suliman and Red Mitchell.

In 1978 he formed the Fredrik Norén Band, 1980 FNB won the poll-winner award and made their record debut "Jazz in Sweden 1980" for best new jazz- group in Sweden. Since then FNB has been one of Sweden..s most popular jazz groups featuring the best new Swedish jazz-musicians. Their dynamic music has opened the minds of both young and old to the art of jazz.

The group has also performed together with many international jazz stars such as Jimmy Heath, Craig Handy, Ron Blake, Nicholas Payton, Ron Blake and Javon Jackson.

Band members:

Niklas Barnö - Trumpet.

Magnus Dölerud - Tenor saxophone.

Erik Lindeborg - Piano.

Niklas Wennström - Double Bass.

This is the new, fresh Fredrik Norén Band that swings and plays jazz music for all people on this earth, young and old. Check it out! The musicians are also composers.

Aside from playing clubs, concerts, festivals, recordings, radio and TV, FNB has performed at many international venues and events such as:

USA - New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival, New York Knitting factory, New York Visiones, Houston International Jazz Festival, Dallas Art Museum of Dallas, "Jazz in the Sangres" Westcliffe Colorado. India - Bombay Sophia Bhabba Concert Hall. Singapore - 2nd International Jazz Festival. Finland - Pori International Jazz Festival. Island - Reykjavik Jazz Club Vakning. Denmark - Copenhagen Jazz House. Slovakia - Bratislava International Jazz Festival. Malaisia - Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival. Indonesia - Djakarta International Jazz Festival. Lithuania - Vilnius International Jazz Festival. Belgium - Gaume International Jazz Festival, Bruxelles Travers Jazz Club. Thailand - Thailand Goulden Junilee International Jazz Festival 1996. Russia - Moscow North West Jazz Festival 1997. Armenia - Yerevan Jazz Festival.