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I'm a simple cat from Bmore. I just want to make good music with sincere people.I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people like such on my musical journey. I feel so blessed to know just about all the people I know. I would actually like to be as much a blessing to them as they have been to me. I'm sure you can tell I'm a musician.I play drums,bass and a little trumpet. On the other hand i like to shop, hang out, watch FAMILY GUY, I like women, I love Women,I cant live wthoutwomen!!!!!!!!!!! Most of my time consists of learning and playing very complicatedd music. The outcome for me is incredible. Its when i see that I have touched thounsands of people with my music. I play Jazz,funk,R&b.Rock,Mixed world music, Drum and bass-(jungle) or whatever I can play in order to pay the bills. I have no barriers. Music is either good or bad. I think the only thing anybody needs to know about me is that I'm loyal,I KEEP IT REAL,and I love hard. When I say I love hard I mean that If I love you its unconditional. Even if I cant talk to you I'll still love just the same. Also I'm very forgiving,which a lot of my homeys say is one of my worst attributes. I belive in love and love everlasting. Thats cause love is the only thing you can take with you when you go. Anything good in life is worth fighting for. God, FFAAMMIILLYY, friends, and music. All the other stuff doesn't matter! "