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His was a musical family, his father's love of jazz enabled Sean to

hear the music of Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea and others as a young

child. His father's mother Muriel Cohen was a concert pianist and the

first Australian to perform Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue D'Oiseax

publicly. To this day Sean is still entranced by Debussy and Messiaen.

Perhaps intimidated by living up to his family's talent, Sean chose to

study the violin as a child. His interest in the piano increased and

as a teenager he fooled around on the instrument. The fact that he was

already an accomplished fiddler and had a busy schedule playing with

school orchestras etc meant that he had little time to practise piano.

In his final year of high school Sean met jazz pianist John Bostock.

At the time in Australia it was difficult to find out about jazz and

John hipped Sean to the music of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and John

Coltrane. After school Sean spent a couple of years at University

studying Electrical Engineering, but the seed had been sown and he

came to realise that his calling in life was to be a musician. Sean

studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1992 and 1993.

He has had numerous piano teachers including Mike Nock, Roger

Frampton, Judy Bailey, Paul Macnamara in Australia. In New York he has

studied with Barry Harris, Kevin Hayes , Geoff Keezer, George

Colligan, Sam Yahel and Bruce Barth. While at the Conservatorium he

received the Jack Chrostowski piano award. In 1993 he was a finalist

in the National Jazz Piano Awards at the Wangaratta Festival. In 1999

Sean recieved a grant from the Australia Council to study jazz piano

in New York which helped him to relocate there.

Sean has worked for a number of internationally renowned musicians

including : Allan Holdsworth, Wayne Krantz, Jon Gordon, Jon Iragabon, David Binney, Madeliene Peyroux, Tom Guarna, Tim Miller,

Ingrid Jensen, Jon Gordon, Dave Smith , Dan Pratt, Ike Sturm , Cornell

Dupree, Jesse Harris, Sheryl Bailey, Gerald Hayes, Dale Barlow,

Justine Clark, Phil Slater , Jackie Orsascky, Steve Hunter, James

Muller and Steve Mckenna

Sean has released over 10 critically acclaimed CDs, featuring

musicians such as Adam Nussbaum,Dennis Irwin,Seamus Blake, Chad

Wackerman, Steve Kirby, Alvester Garnett, Jesse Harris, James Muller,

Jochen Rueckert, Matt Penman, Donny McCaslin and Will Vinson .

Sean has successfully toured internationally. He has performed in many

countries including U.S.A ,China, Japan, England, Germany , Hong Kong

and New Zealand under his own name. In 2004 , with his trio, Sean made

the first instructional jazz DVD produced in China by foreigners.

As well as recording his own CDs he has appeared on numerous other

jazz releases including albums by David Binney , Elana Stone, Tim

Hopkins, Banana, John Mackie and Nick McBride and Luca Benedetti.

Sean's compositions and arrangements have featured on albums by James

Muller , Lily Dior , The Jazzgroove MothershipOrchestra , Matt McMahon

and more .

Sean's most well known CD internationally is "Colossus of Rhodes"

released by prestigious Japanese label DIW. Sean has recorded over 8

critically acclaimed CDs which feature his original compositions. They

include: Fangin (SEED 001) with Adam Armstrong and Nick McBride;

Stolen Van (RUFUS 035) featuring works by contempory songwriters such

as Steely Dan and Elvis Costello; Stevo (SEED 002) featuring Adam

Nussbaum and Dennis Irwin; and 99 (SEED 004) with Seamus Blake (Mingus

Big Band), Alvester Garnett (Regina Carter), Steve Kirby (Elvin Jones)

and others;South Pacific Soul (SEED 005);Colossus of Rhodes (DIW) with

Matt Penman and Jochen Ruckert; Lurline(SEED 006) with Matt Penman and

Jochen Ruckert.

Australian Rhythm Changes ( SEED 007) with Chad Wackerman, James

Muller, Andrew Gander etc download bio photo for press (300 dpi JPEG,


"Solo" ( SEED 008 ) . Solo piano compositions and improvisations.

"Expensive Habit " ( SEED CD009 ) with Jochen Rueckert , Matt Penman,

Donny McCaslin , Will Vinson and James Muller.