Thursday, February 18, 2016|7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

The Shauli Einav Quartet

Saxophonist Shauli Einav who's been a regular on the Smalls scene is coming back from Paris to celebrate the release of his 4th album "Beam Me Up" (Berthold Records) featuring a stellar band & all new original compositions.


From the press:

It’s overly tempting and often fallacious to equate an artist’s musical output with their biography. However, it’s hard to miss the newfound maturity, the freshlyminted comfort, and the “adult” outlook that virtuoso saxophonist Shauli Einav presents on his new album, Beam Me Up. Einav’s work no longer has the feeling of a young lion anxious to earn his place among the world’s top players; instead, Beam
Me Up is the mature statement of an artist in his prime, in command, and surrounded by musicians who buy wholeheartedly into his vision.

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Shauli Einav

Soprano Sax

Saxophonist and composer Shauli Einav was described as a "remarkably complete musician, a virtuosic soloist with a lush sound on both soprano and tenor whose compositions are daring ...

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