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LandLine is a quartet based in New York City with an innovative approach to composition, performance and pedagogy. Their method of composing can be viewed as a metaphor to their overall relationship with music; one that celebrates inclusiveness and the joy of artistic collaboration. 


The group is made up of some of New York City’s most creative composers and   

improvisersChet  Doxas on tenor saxophone, Jacob Sacks opiano,  Zack Lober on bass,  and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums. 


The concept of the group is based on an original composition game that is constantly ongoing  within the bandThe process is similar to the children’s game  “broken-telephone” but in  LandLines casethe group uses musical ideas instead of spoken phrases. Each band member  composes a musical idea then passes it down the line to the next group member. By the time the  process is completed, each member of the group has edited or added  to  the  original  idea as  they saw fit, thus making each piece of music and its interpretation highly collaborative.   


At their live performances bound copies of the sheet music are made available to the audience so  that they may observe the compositions in each stage of its development as the group performs live. These copies are also available for purchase at the venues or online. LandLines pedagogical approach is based on the same principles that govern their unique way of working  togetherThe band offers courses in group composition, improvising  and individual  instrument  instruction to  post-secondary  and  graduate-level  students.  The classes adhere to a  comprehensive curriculum that is meant to highlight the joys of improvising and composing in a  diverse and collaborative setting. The course is offered in three-day and five-day  workshops 


LandLine has  been  active  since  2014,  performing at  many  of  New  York  City’s  premier  listening  rooms  including,  Smalls,  Korzothe  Drawing  Room and NuBlu. The combined  musical experience that each member brings to this group  includes past and present  associations  with  such  luminaries  as: Carla  Bley,  Paul  Motian,  Butch  Morris,  Ethan  Iverson,  Dave  Douglas,  and many  more

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Chet Doxas

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Vinnie Sperrazza


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