Thursday, August 13, 2009|9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

The Albert Rivera Quintet

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Albert Rivera

Alto Sax

Born in Bronx, NY, Albert Rivera began his career as a classical musician at age ten with the Bronx Borough-wide Concert Band. At 12, he and his band ...

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Jean Caze


Winner of the 2006 International Trumpet Guild Jazz Competition, and the 2004 National Trumpet Jazz Competition, Jean Caze has emerged as one of todays most exciting new voices ...

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Zaccai Curtis


After graduating from New England Conservatory in 2005 Zaccai Curtis has been living in New York City playing with artist such as Ralph Peterson, Bill Saxton,Will Calhoun, Christian ...

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Luques Curtis


Luques started performing at a very young age. He had studied the piano, violin, cello, and tumbadoras before settling with the upright bass. Before he entered high school, ...

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John Iannuzzi


No artist biography available

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