Thursday, January 28, 2010|9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

The John Farnsworth Quintet

Featuring Dr. Eddie Henderson

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John Farnsworth

Tenor Sax

John has performed and toured with a diverse and impressive roster of influential musicians. Even an abbreviated list of his collaborators is evidence of the respect John has ...

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Eddie Henderson


Henderson's mother was one of the dancers in the original Cotton Club. She had a twin sister, and they were called The Brown Twins. They would dance with ...

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Rick Germanson


RICK GERMANSON has been a highly in-demand pianist on the New York City Jazz scene for over a decade. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rick moved to New ...

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John Webber


For generations, the Midwest has been a fertile ground for producing talented jazz bass players. St. Louis native Jimmy Blanton revolutionized the role of the bass during his ...

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Peppe Merolla


Giuseppe "Peppe"Merolla has been a musician since he was a child. Also join Peppe Merolla's Fan page on Facebook Peppe began his musical career as a drummer, ...

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