Friday, July 9, 2010|7:30 PM - 9:15 PM

The John Lang Group

The Smalls Showcase

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John Lang


JOHN LANG (Arranger / Bassist) has a diverse background in performance, arranging and composition. John is a familiar face to jazz audiences in downtown New York. He can ...

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Geoff Vidal

Tenor Sax

From his richly emoted accompaniment to solos that are luxuriant and flavorful, Geoff Vidals lion-hearted creativity is reflected not only in his own charts and performance, but the ...

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Dan Blankinship


Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Dan Blankinship started the trumpet at age 11 after a few years of piano lessons and church choirs. His formal musical studies ...

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Simona Premazzi


SIMONA PREMAZZI    "Her composing style stays modern without ever being airless and swing-deficient, open without getting lost in harmony and sentimentality. And her soloing is special.” [Ben ...

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Phil Stewart


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