Monday, June 23, 2008|4:00 AM - 4:00 AM

The George Dulin Group

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George Dulin


The music of The George Dulin Disband strives to emit an incessant energetic pulse into the heart and mind of the listener. Although the compositions are essentially based ...

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Karel Ruzicka

Tenor Sax

Grammy nominated saxophonist, composer and producer Karel Ruzicka Jr. was born in Prague, Czech Republic, into a very musical family. His mother was a member of the Czech ...

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Dan Zanker


Bassist Danny Zanker spent his youth in England,Israel and Texas. The resulting cultural confusion,coupled with a formal education in jazz, laid thefoundation for his musicianship. Moving to New ...

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Yutaka Uchida


Born in 1973 in Tokyo, drummer/composer Yutaka Uchida studied the basics of music and trained his ears through violin and piano lessons in his early years.He started playing ...

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