Tuesday, April 29, 2014|7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Enzo Carpentieri New York Motion

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Enzo Carpentieri


Enzo Carpentieri (ITA 1959), drummer, born in Padova, Italy.In the 80s he has played with the famous italian virtuoso altosax Massimo Urbani and many others: Robert Bonisolo, Antonio ...

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Mark Sherman


Born: April 17, 1957 After nearly 30 years of recording, composing, and performing with countless orchestras, jazz artists, and vocal artists, vibraphonist /composer Mark Sherman a Yamaha performing ...

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Yotam Silberstein


"Since his arrival in New York in 2005, Israeli guitarist Yotam Silberstein has made an impact on the scene with his precision bebop lines and fleet-fingered improvisations." JazzTimes ...

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Marco Panascia


Marco Panascia (pronounced pana-SEE-ah) is an Italian-born bassist, composer and educator living in New York City. His proficiency in many different musical situations and settings, and his strong ...

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