Thursday, December 18, 2014|9:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Scott Sharrard & The Brickyard Band

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Scott Sharrard


Scott was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan into a family steeped in the arts. His father was a folk/rock musician who then went on to teaching radio and ...

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Alex Norris


Alex Norris grew up in Columbia, Md. where he began studying music at the age of 9. After graduating high school he received a scholarship to the Peabody ...

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Seamus Blake

Tenor Sax

New York based tenor saxophonist/composer SEAMUS BLAKE is recognized as one of the finest exponents of contemporary jazz. His music is known for its sophistication, bold improvisations and ...

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Ben Stivers


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Jeff Hanley


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Moses Patrou


Moses Patrou is New York artist that has toured and performed on three continents with various artists. A singer, percussionist, and songwriter, he has also had his voice ...

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Diego Voglino


Drummer Diego Voglino has performed shows and/or recorded with; among many others: Mark Levine, Freddie Redd, Bruce Foreman, Ed Cherry, Chris Cheek, Bloomdaddies, Brad Shepik, Betty Buckley, Alan ...

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