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JC Stylles Opulears - Cherrywood


Experience the luxury sparkle of Cherrywood Opulears, bringing sunshine to the ears of all who adorn them!


The intricate deep blonde grain captures the light magnificently, whilst comforted by the deluxe  cushioning that ensures repeated listening of your favorite artists without fatigue.


Catch all  the crisp high's and warm bass in all your favorite music, while wearing these enviable deluxe Cherrywood Opulears. All Opulears woods have a piano lacquer finish to accentuate the woodgrains, and  are then further enhanced with a resin overlay  bearing the brand for further protection from the elements and wear and tear.


Additionally a dust/carry bag is included with all sets, plus an additional 1/8 inch adaptor plug for those taking their Opulears into the studio.


Features include:


*Luxury Dustbag/Carrycase


*1/8 inch studio adapter


*Full 12 Months Warranty


*Driver Unit                       50mm x 2


*Frequency Response     20Hz-20K Hz


*Impedance                      32 +- 15%


*Sound  Pressure Level   117+- 3dB


*Rated Input Power            30mW


*Maximum Input Power      50mW

*Cord Length                      1.2 m